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Welcome to my home.

For now, my name will be Matthias Greygone.

I am within the spiritual side of Robert'

I am of spirit. I am love, I am truth, I am hope,

I am intuition, and I am now at your service.


My name is Robert. I am just a seeker, and as The Fool, I have begun

to seek the path to which I was given. I have accepted the falacy

of the physical realm, and it's misleading and misguiding human beliefs and practices. Without the facade of falsehood, Truth becomes reality and awareness leads us to understanding. All sparks of soul energy, will become one spark once again.

Time, as comprehended by mankind, is no longer promised, for twilight is upon us. Death and Resurrection are near.  Physical life will cease to exist. Matthias is a spiritual guide. He lives where my ego once made itself at home.  He is my intuition, and through his wisdom I am able to read the Tarot.


Human bodies do not have  a spirit.

But, spirits have human bodies.


For a very limited time, while this site is being constructed,

we will offer one free three card read as a new client. If we have read for you before, you have not been forgotten.  What will be going for a three card read at a $15.00 donation, for a limited time we will do for  a  $10.00 donation.

A ten card Celtic Cross is a $35.00 donation. Again for a very limited time we will do this detailed read at a $25.00 donation. For now, you can go to:

Your question or concern will be addressed personally.

Your date of birth is required. See you there.






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